6 Reasons to Choose a Competent Personal Stylist over an Online Styling Service

6 Reasons to Choose a Competent Personal Stylist

A Competent Personal Stylist or an Online Styling Service?

Now, when most personal styling services are available both in person and online many people can use them to come out as stylish, updated and confident individuals.

There are many personal styling options available today when choosing a personal stylist or some online styling service to help style you.

There are a few styling companies on the market now that offer online personal styling service. They select clothes for you based on your preferences and ship them to your address, so you don’t even need to leave your home, because someone does all the shopping for you.

So why should you choose a personals stylist over an online styling service?

Here are 6 main reasons to choose a competent personal stylist over a virtual styling service.

1. A competent personal stylist will make your wardrobe more diverse

While a virtual styling service may sound convenient, this process is much less tailored to you and the options are very limited.

If you use this type of online service, the clothes chosen for you are only from their current collection and depend upon what they have in stock.

If you work with a professional wardrobe consultant, your stylist will shop for you from anywhere and make your wardrobe more diverse,

Choose a Competent Personal Stylist

2. A competent personal stylist will have a better understanding of your body type and color palette

Your personal stylist that you work with at least for part of the time in-person will have a better understanding of your body type, skin tone, color palette and styles that look best on you. Personal stylists are able to quickly grasp what colors and cuts are more flattering for you.

The clothes that a personal stylist will select for you will be tailored to your body type and skin color and will also fit your lifestyle and your budget.

3. A competent personal stylist focuses on making you look and feel great

An online styling service only offers you outfit options.

Personal stylists offer a range of different services, such as: closet audit, personal shopping with an in-person try-on session, career styling, special events styling, total image makeover and more.

Personal stylists don’t just get you good clothes. They focus on making you look and feel confident in your clothes.

4. A competent personal stylist can connect you with other beauty professionals

Clothing is only one of the components of your entire look and if your makeup or hair is off, so will be your look.

An experienced personal stylist can connect you with makeup artists, hair stylists, cosmetologists, and other licensed beauty care specialists that they work with to provide services such as hair color and styling, facials, nail care and makeup applications.

Choose a Competent Personal Stylist

5. Working with a competent personal stylist is a valuable learning experience  

Personal stylists will work with you to teach you about what colors, cuts, styles, and fabrics look good on you and how to pair them. They will teach you to create perfect outfits for your body type.

Working with a personal stylist not only will help you look better; it will be a valuable learning experience.

6. A competent personal stylist can recommend you some alterations

It is very important that the clothes you buy fit you well, and sometimes you will need some alterations or tailoring.

If you choose the virtual styling service, tailoring is not an option as the stylist can’t physically see you and show you exactly what needs to be altered in order for the piece to fit you perfectly.

A personal stylist can make sure your new clothes fit you perfectly and recommend some alterations.

A personal stylist will give you all the attention you need to help you look fabulous that an online styling service can’t provide.

You will get much more out of working with a personal stylist and get the most out of your money and time spent.

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