Client Testimonials -

“I don’t like shopping. Not because I don’t like the process, especially not when I am with my girlfriends, but because I always end up exhausted, over spending, and with a bunch of clothes that do not match what I already have!

Working with Yana was easy and fulfilling!

Having someone to shop for you felt like a luxury. I was left with the fun part only: choosing out of the clothes presented to me after the careful process of assessing my shape, size, color panel, life style, and even personality!

In addition, I’ve learned useful tricks, and received many great personal style advices. I definitely won’t forget them, and knowing what I know now makes it so much easier to shop for myself in a future!

Yana is attentive, professional, straight forward, and very flexible with her approach. Highly recommend her to those who want to look their best and not to spend tons of time and money on that!

Thank you so much, Yana, for this exciting and surprising offer, and for inviting me to be your model!” – Zhanna

Client Testimonials - Style Fix Studio

“I needed assistance with locating dressier, more formal clothes for my wardrobe that fit my personal style. Overall, I needed guidance with finding clothes that were right for me, as I never enjoy clothes shopping and typically find it hard to locate items that are a good fit and match my personality.

The closet audit process could be a bit personally uncomfortable, as the audit involved the rejection of certain items that had personal value. But Yana did a good job and her guidance was helpful. Ultimately, I did choose to keep certain items for casual wear and personal reasons, but generally agreed with her assessment and followed through accordingly.

Yana did a great job and the try-on session was light-hearted and enjoyable. I trusted her feedback and felt that the items she chose were good for me. I kept almost all of them and only sent a few back. The pants were not the correct fit and all had to be returned but Yana found some replacements that were appropriate.

I gained some outstanding additions to my wardrobe and feel renewed self-confidence. Further, Yana’s assistance took the stress and hassle out of clothes shopping.” – Chris

Client Testimonials -

“Successful relationships and careers can’t happen without good self-presentation. This is my opinion.

I always hated shopping. Being 5 ft tall and petite size I could spend hours in malls and get nothing. As a result – overwhelm, frustration, and clothes that have never been worn.

When Yana Anders told me about her approach to style and how to make shopping an exciting process, I signed up right away!

First, she revised my closet and… told me to get rid of 2/3 of my old clothes. I had no problem with that 😊

Then, Yana got my sizes and measurements, and bought new clothes without me being involved at all.

I had no idea what I would get, but I trusted her knowledge in style and fashion. I was very surprised that 80% of the clothes she bought for me fit perfectly, reflected my personality, were excellent quality, and didn’t break the bank.

As a result, I now have amazing outfits for my business and everyday life, plus my confidence has skyrocketed!”

Thanks Yana and Style Fix Studio for the new me!” – Anna

Client Testimonials

“Yana really takes pride in helping you look your best and pays close attention to your personal style and what it says about you. My wardrobe now looks better than ever! I never even thought all these clothes could look so good on me!”  – Tatyana

Client Testimonials -

“Yana helped me look better, slimmer younger and feel more confident. And this is exactly what I needed. She has a lot of passion for style and fashion and she is very good at what she does.” – Helen

Client Testimonials -

“Yana Anders is a great stylist. She helped me define my personal style and completely changed the way I look. She did my closet audit and selected a few amazing outfits for me. Working with Yana was easy and lots of fun! She has a real talent!” – Maria

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