Wardrobe Consultant & Personal Stylist in Boston, MA

Looking to develop your authentic style that is in sync with who you are? Thinking of improving your love life or boosting your career? You’ve come to the right place! As a certified wardrobe consultant and personal stylist I can help you change the image you project and the message it conveys about you.

What Does a Personal Stylist Do?

Yana Anders, Certified Wardrobe Consultant & Personal Stylist in Boston

Hi, my name is Yana Anders, I am a certified wardrobe consultant and a personal stylist in Boston, MA and the owner of Style Fix Studio. I studied Personal Styling at the New York Institute of Art and Design and have been working with men and women of all ages and body types to help them look their best and feel comfortable in their clothes.

I help my clients develop their style and build a wardrobe that would be on par with their personal and professional aspirations.

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As a professional personal stylist and an Image consultant, I go beyond the mere appearance of my clients and help them project a better image of themselves by enhancing their physical attributes and minimizing weaknesses.

Check out my client photo gallery and read my client testimonials to see how I can help you align your wardrobe messaging with your unique personality.

I have the expertise to tell you what would look best for your color palette and your body type, so you will shine for any occasion.

I can make you look and feel amazing!

Contact me to get personalized, expert styling services including personal shopping, fashion advice and outfit recommendations based on your body type, and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

As a Personal Stylist I offer the following services:

1. Free Initial Personal Styling Consultation

Certified Wardrobe Consultant & Personal Stylist in Boston

During this free 30-minute consultation which kicks off every client’s styling journey, I will get to know your lifestyle, body type, sizes, personal preferences, fashion challenges and style goals.

2. Closet Audit

Whether your goal is to do your closet inventory, to get rid of what doesn’t look good on you, or to identify what you need to spice up your wardrobe, this is the service for you.

3. Personal Shopping with an In-person try-on Session

We will discuss what you need and I will shop the stores, pick the perfect outfits for you based on your budget, style, fit, color palette, body type and size and deliver them to Style Fix Studio prior to your arrival.

4. Online Personal Styling

You will get entire look books created by me, complete with outfits, accessories, shoes, jewelry along with the links to purchase the products I selected for you.

5. Style Fix Total Image Makeover Services

Style Fix Studio is a team of experts whose main intention is to beautify your appearance, thus helping you to build better self-esteem and self-love! The Style Fix Studio Total Makeover Service includes: initial consultation, closet audit, personal shopping with a try-on session, professional hair styling at a classy salon done by a trusted hairdresser, professional makeup done by a makeup artist, professional photography session.

Contact me to learn more about my personal styling services.