Style Fix Total Image Makeover Services

What is Style Fix Total Image Makeover?

Total Image Makeover Services

With Style Fix Total Image Makeover you will receive a complete, improved and original new look from head to toe in accordance with your own personality, body type, color palette and lifestyle. As an image consultant specializing in total image makeover services for women, I know exactly how to transform your appearance and style to help you look your best!

Style Fix Studio is a team of experts whose main intention is to beautify your appearance, thus helping you to build better self-esteem and self-love!

The Style Fix Total Image Makeover Services include:

1.  Initial Consultation

The Initial session at Style Fix Studio will start with a style and color consultation where I will discuss shapes and styles that work for you.

During this 30–40-minute consultation which kicks off every client’s styling journey, I will get to know your lifestyle, body type, sizes, personal preferences, fashion challenges and style goals.

2. Closet Audit

Personal Styling Closet Audit

We will do your closet inventory, help you get rid of what doesn’t look good on you, and identify what you need to spice up your wardrobe.

I will identify missing links and make recommendations on how to create your dream wardrobe.

3. Personal Shopping with a Try-on Session

I will shop the stores, pick the perfect outfits for you based on your budget, lifestyle, fit, color palette, body type and size and deliver them to Style Fix Studio prior to your arrival.

When you arrive at Style Fix Studio, you will walk into a dressing room filled with high quality clothes chosen specifically for you based on your initial consultation.

You will get 3-5 different outfits (depending on your budget) complete with shoes, accessories, jewelry and tips to style your look, along with the links to purchase additional products, if needed.

You’ll have a try-on session at the StyleFix Studio where you and I will decide which items to keep and which to return. I will take care of any returns for you.

 4. Professional hair styling at a classy salon done by a trusted hairdresser

Your hair frames your face and has the ability to make you feel beautiful, cute, sexy, glamorous, professional or plain, depending on the style.

Taking into account your hair’s texture, your face shape, and your lifestyle, our hair stylist will find a hairstyle that works for you.

Get ready to love your hair again!

Fashionably late? Book this quick signature service for brows, lips and mascara – and get ready to flaunt a new look in a flash.

Plus, you’ll leave with a foundation sample in your personalized shade match, compliments of us!

5. Professional Makeup done by a Makeup Artist

If you’re a woman who doesn’t like to wear makeup every day, keep in mind that even just a little tinted moisturizer, mascara and lipstick can do wonders for your overall appearance, and make you look and feel years younger. We can create the look you’re going for – natural, glamorous, or sophisticated. You will receive the best beauty services including service for brows, lips and mascara. Just sit back and enjoy!  And get ready to flaunt your new look in a flash.

6. Professional Photography Session

Personal Styling Professional Photography Session

There’s a reason for the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Doing a professional photo session and having the pictures to look at might show you something new about yourself – something different than what you see looking in a mirror. Images have the ability to convey deep meaning, especially when you have a professional photographer working to capture the sentiment perfectly on camera.

With a professional photographer, you’ll have the opportunity to be as creative and artistic as you want in your photo session. From your unique style of clothing to the setting you chose for your photographs, a photo session doesn’t necessarily have to be a formal and serious event. Let loose and have fun showing your true colors.

Total Cost (Style Fix Image Makeover & Photo Shoot): $1450 (up to 12 hours)

(doesn’t include the price of your clothing purchases)