Zhanna: Having someone to shop for you felt like a luxury

Personal Styling Photoshoot

“I don’t like shopping. Not because I don’t like the process, especially not when I am with my girlfriends, but because I always end up exhausted, over spending, and with a bunch of clothes that do not match what I already have!

Working with Yana was easy and fulfilling!

Having someone to shop for you felt like a luxury. I was left with the fun part only: choosing out of the clothes presented to me after the careful process of assessing my shape, size, color panel, life style, and even personality!

In addition, I’ve learned useful tricks, and received a lot of great personal style advice. I definitely won’t forget them, and knowing what I know now makes it so much easier to shop for myself in a future!

Yana is attentive, professional, straight forward, and very flexible with her approach. I highly recommend her to those who want to look their best and not to spend tons of time and money on that!

Thank you so much, Yana, for this exciting and surprising offer, and for inviting me to be your model!” – Zhanna