Dressing For Your Body Shape or Dressing For Your Mood?

Body Shape Dressing

Knowing how to dress for your body shape is key to feeling and looking great in your clothes.

Without this knowledge, you might not know how to wear certain clothing pieces to suit your body best, what clothing styles, cuts and lengths look best on you, or how to accessorize your outfits to enhance your style.

What is Dressing for your Body Shape?

You can use clothes to highlight your favorite features. or hide what you don’t like.

Body shape styling gives you general rules to determine your body shape. For example, if your bust and hips are the same, but your waist is much smaller, you’re an hourglass. If your hips are wider than your bust, you’re a pear or triangle.

Body shape dressing is very body positive as it aims to recognize bodies at almost any size.

However, this set of rules doesn’t take into account our mood, mind and heart.

We are much more than our bodies and shopping based only on these rules means leaving our own feelings and desires out of it.

Dressing for Your Body Shape and Finding Your Style

Dressing For Your Body Shape

Wearing something you hate only because it’s supposed to look good on you may lead to self-negativity and damage your self-esteem.

You need to take own feelings, moods, and personal style into consideration to be able to find your own style.

The first step to finding your style is to find out what you like.

Here are a few things you need to do to get started:

1. Create Pinterest boards of what you like. You might realize that you like a certain cut, style, color palette, or specific outfit combination.

2. Experiment with the looks you like and see how you can bring them into your wardrobe.

3. Play around with your preferred style to see how you want to wear it.

Dressing for your Body Shape or Dressing For Your Mood?

Dressing For Your Mood

Remember that fashion is our first line of communication, so dressing is one of the best ways to express yourself

Paying attention to your moods and feelings doesn’t mean taking the body completely out of style. So instead of styling yourself to hide or disguise your body, figure out how you want to show your body off.  

Make sure that for everything you want to shrink or hide, you need to highlight something else.

Look in the mirror and try to answer the following questions:

 “What do you love about your body?”

“What are you proud of and want to show off?”

“What colors and cuts make you happy?”

Ask a personal stylist to help you get the look you want. And remember, when in doubt, there is one main personal styling rule that you should follow: “Wear what makes you feel good!”

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