10 Ways the Color of Your Clothing Affects Your Mood

The Color of Your Clothing Affects Your Mood

Have you ever explored the colors in your wardrobe? What colors put you in the best mood? And why?

According to image consultants, color is one of the ways we self-identify. It a vital component of our looks and a powerful tool for communication.

When we get dressed in the morning, we’re telling ourselves who we want to be and how we hope to feel

Color plays a very important role in personal styling. Personal stylists use personal color analysis to define a client’s color palette. The color of our clothing serves as a signal to others; it tells them who we are.

Color psychology is the study of the effects that colors have on human emotions and behaviors. Color influences perceptions that are not obvious, such as the taste of food. Colors have qualities that can cause certain emotions in people.

How does color affect your mood? Let’s take a deeper dive into color psychology.

The Color of Your Clothing and Your Mood

Color plays an influential role in our lives. It affects our mood, our minds and bodies.

There are colors that are widely recognized for certain things worldwide

Here are two main categories:

1. Warmer Colors

Colors close to the red spectrum on the color wheel are warmer colors. They include red, yellow, and orange. These colors can evoke different emotions, including feelings of comfort, warmth, happiness, energy, and optimism.

Warm colors also have an attention-grabbing effect and signal danger. Thy also may evoke feelings of hostility, aggression, and anger.

2. Cooler Colors

Colors close to the blue spectrum on the color wheel are cooler colors. They include blue, purple, and green. Cool colors are usually soothing and calming and evoke feelings of beauty, health, or security. They can also express sadness or indifference. Purple is often used to help spark creativity.

The Color of Your Clothing in Your Wardrobe

Take a look in your wardrobe and see what emotions come up with each color.

Experiment with various colors and combinations to find the right combination for your moods.

Pair muted tones with pops of color— this may raise your confidence level and make you feel more structured.

 Here are a few recommendations to find your perfect shade.

Finding Your Perfect Shade In The Color Of Your Clothing  

1. Red

Anger, love, passion, and power

Red can help you stand out in a group of people, and it makes a powerful impression on a first date. Red is a fiery hue, it can help you feel brave when you are trying to prove something or fight for a cause you’re passionate about.

Wear red when you want to feel brave, feisty, and bold.

red color in personal styling

2. Orange

Enthusiasm, attention, happiness, and energy

Orange is an attention-grabbing vibrant color. It is associated  with energy and enthusiasm, and happiness. It can bring about fond feelings about the fall season and changing leaves.

Wear orange when you want to feel social or extroverted.

Orange is also good to wear when working out or participating in group physical activities.

orange color in personal styling

3. Yellow

Brightness, energy, warmth, and attention

Yellow is associated with the sun, warming our skin, brightening our lives, and giving us energy.

Yellow signs are often used in the US to get our attention and communicate important information.

Wear yellow when you want to embrace joy or need a little pick-me-up.

yellow color in personal styling

4. Blue

Sadness, stability, productivity, and calmness

Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean. It evokes the feelings of loyalty and stability; it helps us feel calm and ease anxiety.

Wear blue for confidence and comfort in stressful situations, especially for work or school presentations.

5. Purple

Wealth, royalty, mystery, and imagination

Purple is the color of mystery and magic. It is also associated with royalty and wealth because it was costly to procure

Wear purple when you want to feel unique, special or want to make a statement. This color will make you stand out.   

6. Green

Luck, envy, nature, and safety

Green can evoke a sense of calm and safety. The color also symbolizes luck and fertility.

Wear green when you’re hoping to feel renewed or grounded. It’s also a great shade for meeting new people, embarking on a new chapter in your life or starting a new project.

green color in personal styling

7. Pink

Romance, kindness, calmness, and nurturing

Pink used to be considered a “feminine color” and is usually associated with softness and compassion.

However, pink is a mix of white and red and can connect with both masculine and feminine energies, despite gender stereotypes.

Pink evokes a fresh, playful feeling and tenderness. Wear pink for celebrations, special romantic occasions or when you’re looking to connect. with loved ones.

8. Brown

Nature, security, isolation, and strength

Brown is associated with nature; it reminds us of the dark color of the tree bark and the ground beneath our feet and brings a sense of security. The warm tone feels solid, but can feel depressing or “drab” in large quantities.

Wear brown when you need a moment to slow down or when you want to relax. Brown is also great when you are looking to connect with nature.

9. Black

Mystery elegance, boldness, and power

“Black’s absorption of all colors can be seen as a power move and invoke boldness.”

Black technically isn’t considered a color but rather the absence of color, because it absorbs all light on the color spectrum. Black invokes power and boldness, but can also be intimidating or trigger sorrow, as in for mourning.

Black is very useful for work environments. Wear black when you want to feel subtly strong, when you want to be taken seriously or perceived as someone of authority. 

10. White

Peacefulness, cleanliness, innocence, and emptiness

White color contains contradictory meanings. It is associated with purity and innocence in most western cultures, but often symbolizes death in some eastern traditions.

White conveys a feeling of newness and a fresh start. Wear white to feel uplifted or renewed. It can also be useful on the first day of a new endeavor.

Explore and Have fun with colors in your closet!  Experiment with various combinations and try to imagine what different colors can mean, and what messages your colorful outfits might send into the world around you, as well as to yourself!

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