Fashion Psychology Reveals: Clothing Choices Can Affect Our Emotional States

fashion psychology

Fashion Psychology Suggests: Your Clothing Can Affect Your Emotional State

fashion psychology and personal styling

A recent psychological study from the University of Hertfordshire revealed: people tend to dress the way they feel. According to the research, if you feel sad or unmotivated, you’re more likely to wear unflattering clothing.

The study suggested that women who are sad or depressed are more likely to wear baggy sweatpants, sweatshirts, or sweaters. Women who are positive or happy are more likely to wear a stylish outfit, a nice dress, jewelry, or jeans with a favorite T-shirt.

According to a certified image consultant Yana Anders, who studied fashion psychology, women who are feeling sad or down usually put less effort into their appearance and what they’re wearing. And women who are in a good mood want to look nicer to match their mood.

Fashion Psychology Reveals: Dressing in Nicer Clothes Can Improve Your Mood

fashion psychology and personal styling

Many women feel that dressing in nicer clothes makes them feel better. Dressing up, of course, takes extra effort, but it also makes you feel good, especially if you receive compliments from your friends or coworkers.

Even when you don’t have to present yourself to public, dressing up can greatly influence your mental health.

The results of the research showed that wearing certain clothes can affect your emotional state. According to a certified personal stylist Yana Anders, there is a strong connection between your mood and the clothing that you wear. So if you want to feel good, put on clothes that you associate with happiness, even when you feel low.

Fashion Psychology Suggests: Your Clothing Can Affect How Confident You Feel

fashion psychology

What you wear affects how confident you feel. This idea isn’t just a marketing tactic; it’s fashion psychology. Many women can attest that wearing clothes that you love boosts their confidence. Your clothing clothes can play a big role in how you interact with other people and how you perform at work.

Your clothing can affect the way you feel about yourself, it can also affect the way others feel about you.

Never underestimate what clothes say about you. While good fashion is no substitute for hard work, you may be lowering your chances for promotion if you ask for a raise while wearing casual attire.

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