Personal Styling Tips: 7 Ways to Avoid Impulsive Buying

Best Ways to Avoid Impulsive Buying

What is Impulsive Buying?

Have you ever purchased something you were not planning to? For example, grabbed a fashion magazine (that wasn’t on your grocery list) in the checkout line?  Or walked into a store “just to buy socks” and walked out with a complete put together outfit (including shoes and jewelry)?

If you purchased something you were not planning to – it’s an impulse buy. Impulsive buying is something that was not planned for your budget ahead of time.

What is the Most Popular Category for Impulsive Buying?

Clothing is the most popular category for impulse purchases. Fast fashion brands produce trendy affordable clothes and build their marketing campaign based on fashion‐oriented impulse buying behavior.

Impulse shopping involves buying clothes on a whim. It can be as innocent as picking up a couple of new t-shirts on an errand run or as serious as making a major purchase to create a perfect outfit

What is the cause of impulsive buying behavior for clothing?

Smart Shopping Tips

Impulsive buying is based on an irrational thinking. Companies create a marketing strategy based on this to increase their sales. Many customers purchase clothes after entering the store without any actual intend to do so.

You make an impulse clothing purchase with the notion that it will turn you into the fantasy version of yourself.

What are the Signs of Impulsive Buying?

Almost all of us have fallen for the temporary excitement of impulse buying.

Here are some signs of impulse shopping:

1) You buy things not because you really need them, but because you want them.

2) You feel immediate gratification after your unplanned purchase.

3) Buying more new things makes you feel happy or fulfilled.

4) You usually spend more money than you intended to.

5) You often go into stores that trigger your impulsive buys.

6) You often return your purchases because you regret buying them.

How to Avoid Impulsive Buying?

Avoid impulsive shopping

If you feel like your impulsive buying is causing problems in your life, you can use some self-help strategies to help get your shopping behavior under control.

1. Create a budget and plan how much you want to spend on clothes per month.

2. Avoid shopping online.

3. Avoid going to certain stores if you know that you are more likely to overspend in those stores

4. If you go to a store, have a plan, set a budget, and bring a friend who can keep you accountable.

5. It is easier to overspend if you use credit cards. Use a debit card so that you can see how your purchases affect your bank account.

6. If you suddenly want to make an unplanned purchase, make yourself wait. You will see that the urge to buy the item starts to fade when you give yourself time to think about whether you need it or not.

7. Hire a personal stylist

A personal stylist is your image consultant and your trusted expert. If you work with a personal stylist you will stop spending money on clothes you don’t need. A personal stylist will assess your color palette, your body shape, your personal and professional image and your lifestyle, and will work with you to curate a perfect wardrobe for all of your needs.

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