7 Winter 2022 Fashion Trends You Have to Start Wearing Now

Best winter 2022 fashion trends

Fashion shows aren’t always directly applicable to your everyday style. But you can get some inspiration from them and make them your own. Let’s focus on 7 winter 2022 fashion trends you can try; especially the ones that are practical during the colder winter months.

Here are recommendations of a personal stylist to stay warm but look cool this winter.


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Winter 2022 Fashion Trend 1: Bright Colors or “Dopamine dressing”

This year’s winter fashion trends were created to be mood lifters. Fashion designers reacted fast to the changes our world has faced.

Coronavirus affected our lives in many ways. As we struggle to come to terms with the past two years dealing with lockdown restrictions, you could take “escaping” into our closets both literally and figuratively.

Enter dopamine dressing — or the wearing of joyful attire, full of color, that boosts your mood. Dopamine dressing is named after the “happy hormones” released by your brain that give you that feel-good high. This new fashion trend is just what the doctor ordered.

 winter 2022 fashion trends

Cheerful bright colors make people happy and brighten their moods. However, dopamine dressing isn’t always about color. It can be about textures, patterns, or whatever makes you feel good.

Joy dressing with bright colors is one if the major winter 2022 fashion trends.

It is about feel-good, look-good outfits you can wear on repeat in different settings.

The year 2022 is all about dressing with comfort, but also wearing things that boost your mood. Adding color can rejuvenate your daily attitude and instantly update your style.  

Joy dressing also includes florals, rainbows, and abstract patterns for a pop of personality.

The hottest color trends for Winter 2022 are: Orange, Emerald Purple, Red Violet, Magenta, Fuchsia, Bubblegum Pink,

Winter 2022 Fashion Trend 2: Puffer jackets, coats and vests

Puffer jackets are not a new concept but recently there has been a rise in puffer vests – who knew they could be so fashionable? This is definitely the coziest trend of the winter.

Best  winter 2022 fashion trends

Most of the puffers we see are more of a cropped length, but recently extra long puffers have been making their way into winter fashion.

It’s basically acceptable now to go out in a giant blanket! Instead of your classic trench coat, try opting for a long puffer!

Winter 2022 Fashion Trend 3:  Oversized Jackets and coats

Big, boxy jackets that were a 2021 trend aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Executed best in black, they work well in tan and white too. Bright colors are also a big 2022 trend.

You can pair them with almost anything: with jeans, easy skirts, knit dresses, or coordinating pants.

Best  winter 2022 fashion trends: Oversized Jackets

Winter 2022 Fashion Trend 4: Chunky Knits, Oversized Cable-Knit Sweaters

The classic cable-knit sweater or cardigan has gone from closet staple to a fashion statement.

The cable-knit sweater has long been a favorite of designers. Lately it has also become something of a statement piece among fashion insiders. It is warm, cozy, durable and has intricate detailing.

It can be easily styled with wide-leg or straight pants, jeans and an oversized blazer. 

Best  winter 2022 fashion trends: Sweaters

 Winter 2022 Fashion Trend 5: Mini Skirts

Mini skirts are sure to be the preferred length in 2022. Showing a little leg can make anyone feel lighter, taller, more playful, and rich.

We all loved mini skirts in the 1990s. And if you missed out on the trend then, now is the perfect time to jump back in and show off your legs.

Best  winter 2022 fashion trends: Mini Skirts

Unfortunately, mini skirts are not for everyone. If a woman has great legs and a fit body, she won’t have any problem wearing mini skirts. While shorter skirts and dresses silhouettes are flattering, once you’re over 40, too short can look too awkward.

So in general, just above the knee or a bit shorter is going to be the best skirt length for women over 40. Although don’t be afraid of midi length, too!

Winter 2022 Fashion Trend 6: Tailored, pleated midi skirts

Many of us just want to get dressed and go back to work. For officewear, the businesswoman look is updated with tailored, pleated midi skirts.

You can wear pleated midi skirts with flats, chunky loafers, Chelsea boots or combat boots. Pair them with cable-knit sweaters, sweatshirts, oversized jackets and puffer vests.

Best  winter 2022 fashion trends: Midi Skirts

Winter 2022 Fashion Trend 7: Combat Boots

There are some clothes that often make a comeback. For some time combat boots have been a part of every fashionista’s closet. Combat boots are reminiscent of the ’90s grunge era.

Wear them to contrast ecru jeans or to add an edge to a dress.

The first and the easiest way to style combat boots is with a pair of black or blue jeans. You can also pair them with short or long skirts, chiffon floral dresses, oversized jackets, and cable-knit sweaters.

Best  winter 2022 fashion trends: Combat Boots

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