5 Ways to Wear a Blazer This Fall: Stylish Blazer Outfits from a Wardrobe Consultant

Stylish outfits with blazers

A blazer is effortlessly cool, it can be worn over just about anything. Here are 5 tips on how to wear a blazer this fall in stylish outfits from a wardrobe consultant.

Create Stylish Blazer Outfits for a Fashionable Fall

Each new season comes with a change of colors and fashion. And fall Is undeniably the best time of year for fashion. Summer comes with intolerable heat, winter brings snow, ice and darkness, spring comes with melted snow, dirty slush, winds, and rain.

 5 ways to wear a blazer this fall in stylish outfits

Fall is the only season without climatological challenges. It brings out life with the bright colors in sync with the changing shades of leaves. Fall is a special time to layer up and to play with fashion.

Leather boots, wool coats, cashmere sweaters soft scarves and other cozy fall accessories—we love them all. But every wardrobe consultant could tell you that the most stylish and desired fall piece is a blazer.

A blazer is the perfect transitional piece that you can wear in the fall before you put on a warm and heavy winter coat. A blazer is effortlessly cool, it can be worn over just about anything.

Blazers have been a core style statement for decades — they can easily take you from an office meeting to a bar or a restaurant. There are many different ways you can incorporate blazers into your outfits,

So what are the best ways to create stylish blazer outfits for the season?


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How To Wear a Blazer – Inspirational stylish blazer outfits from a wardrobe consultant

Here are 5 ways to wear a blazer from a professional personal stylist that range from day to night.

1. How to wear a blazer with pants

If you work in the office, a blazer combined with a pair of tailored pants makes a stylish fall outfit for work.

While a suit may look a little boring or old-fashioned, matching your blazer to your tailored pants is a more popular modern option.

If you work in a corporate environment, neutral shades such as black, white, gray, navy or cream are your best choice.

To make it more contemporary go for pretty pastel colors: blue, peach, champagne, honeydew, lavender, lemon, mauve, and mint green You can also mix and match neutral pants with bright colored or patterned blazers.

On days when you don’t know what to wear, a black blazer, a white shirt and high-heeled shoes combo will be your best bet. Bonus points if you throw a bright hue into the mix (a bright scarf, necklace, handbag, or shoes).

 5 ways to wear a blazer this fall

2. How to wear a blazer with jeans

Denim is a classic and therefore a basic in every woman’s wardrobe. If you pair a blazer with jeans, you can be more playful as denim goes with pretty much everything. Try bright colors, interesting patterns and unusual cuts.

For example: combine cropped blazers with baggier mom jeans. An oversized blazer works best with straight-leg jeans.

A sandy beige, light brown, tan, navy or khaki blazer looks effortlessly chic when styled as part of a white jeans outfit.

Styling your blazer with interesting accents will help you elevate your look. Roll up the sleeves of the blazer to 3/4 length for a casual/smart look accentuated by a pop of color.

How to wear a blazer

 3. How to wear a blazer with a dress

There are many ways to style a blazer with a dress. Adding a blazer to a dress will create a modern look and help you shape your silhouette.

You can pair an oversized blazer with a slip or tank dress. A printed midi dress would look great with a classic belted jacket

Styling a blazer in the same tone as your dress will create a great stylish outfit.

When you pair a blazer with a dress, the main things to consider are the length and the shape of the dress.

An A-line dress would look best with a cropped blazer. And a slip midi dress or a long tank dress will look great with s longline blazer.

How to wear a blazer with a dress

4. How to wear a blazer with a skirt

A blazer can elevate any skirt outfit. It will make you look pulled together and more streamlined for work or play.

You can pair a blazer with any type of skirt: a mini skirt, a knee length pencil skirt or a pleated midi skirt.

Styling a blazer with a pleated midi skirt will create figure-flattering outfit, especially for taller women.

A well-tailored blazer with a knee length pencil skirt will skim your silhouette and add more structure to your look. To emphasize your waist add a belt around your blazer.

Mix a patterned skirt with a solid colored blazer for a chic look.

How to wear a blazer with a skirt

5. How to wear a blazer with a t-shirt

The easiest way to wear a blazer is to throw it on with a t-shirt, pants or jeans and boots.

Pair a fitted blazer with a solid colored t-shirt or combine your pants with a graphic tee and throw an oversized blazer around your shoulders for a look that is super chic.

For a fun twist, combine a bright t-shirt (red, yellow, orange, fuchsia or purple) with a neutral colored blazer.

How to wear a blazer with jeans

Stylish blazer outfits elevate your look

Blazers have a miraculous power to transform. A blazer will make any outfit look more sophisticated and put together.

Blazers nowadays come in all lengths, colors, cuts, patterns, and fits (unlike the blazers of the past: boxy buttoned up, with shoulder pads and traditional lapels), so you can style them any way you like.

Play around with the color and fabric of the blazer and don’t forget the accessories that would add an extra polish to your look,

Blazers in traditional Thanksgiving color palette would make perfect additions to your fall wardrobe.

Check out the best stylish blazer outfit ideas in the Fall/winter photoshoot.

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