3 Easy Personal Stylist Tips on How to Build Your Basic Wardrobe

Personal Stylist Tips on How to Build Your Basic Wardrobe

It is important to build your basic wardrobe because it provides a foundation for your personal style and makes it easier for you to put together outfits. A basic wardrobe usually includes versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of looks for different occasions.  

How to Build Your Basic Wardrobe  

How can you build your basic wardrobe? And what does a basic wardrobe consist of? What are wardrobe essentials?

There are some wardrobe basics the expert personal stylist says every woman should own to create easy, effortless outfits for all occasions. Let’s review these personal stylist tips.

Personal Stylist Tip 1: Incorporate Some Easy-to-wear Essentials in Your Basic Wardrobe

Whether you’re auditing your closet, building a new wardrobe or reinventing your style, the best place to start is with wardrobe essentials (also referred to as “staples”).

How to Build Your Basic Wardrobe

A wardrobe essential is a clothing item or accessory that has versatility and timelessness. It’s a basic neutral colored piece that always pulls your outfit together, because you can mix and match it with anything else in your closet.  

These wardrobe essential should also look pretty basic and simple, so they will age well no matter what the current fashion trends are. No sequin blouses, ruffled collars or distressed jeans with a vintage worn look! The good examples of wardrobe essentials are: a white T-shirt, a classic white or black blazer, classic mid-rise medium wash jeans, a gray pencil skirt.


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Personal Stylist Tip 2: Build Your Basic Wardrobe with Neutrals

What Are Neutral Colors? And why do you need them to build your basic wardrobe?

Build Your Basic Wardrobe with Neutrals

True neutral colors are colors that lack color pigment. You don’t see neutral colors on a typical color wheel.

Neutral colors are shades of black, gray, white, cream and ivory.

These colors are wardrobe staples, because they don’t compete with any other colors and can easily blend in and be paired with anything. They are essential for most outfits, because you can mix and match neutral pieces together and not worry about anything clashing.

You can pair any of the two-three neutral pieces together, as well as pair neutrals with other colors. To make the most of your closet, build your wardrobe staples with neutral pieces.

Neutral colors are always appropriate and you can wear them all year round, no matter season or occasion.  

Personal Stylist Tip 3: Shop for Pieces That Will Age Well

When you shop for versatile everyday neutral pieces, look specifically for items that will age well no matter the trend cycle. Stick to the basics to make sure each item can fit easily into at least three different outfits.

Here are the classic examples of wardrobe essentials a personal stylist believes you should have in your closet:

How to Build Your Basic Wardrobe  

1. Mango Women’s Belt Straight-Fit Pants, black

How to Build Your Basic Wardrobe  

2. Mango Women’s Oversize Knit Cardigan, white

3. Nine West Women’s Vibe 9X9 Block Heel Pumps, black

4. Calvin Klein Ashley Shoulder Bag, black/gray

5. Mango Women’s Water-Repellent Quilted Coat, black

6. Mango Women’s Buttoned Wool Coat, gray

7. Mango Women’s Light Knit Gillet, black

8. Mango Women’s Buttoned Knit Skirt, gray

9. Mango Women’s Chest-Pocket Cotton Shirt, ivory

10. Mango Women’s Pocketed Oversize Blazer, black

11. Madden Girl Carra Lace-Up Lug Sole Combat Boots, white

After you build your basic wardrobe you can easily incorporate other pieces in it. Having a basic wardrobe allows for more versatility and creativity in putting together different outfits for various occasions.

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