Clothes That Age You and 10 Tips on How to Look Younger At Any Age

Clothes That Age You and 10 Tips on How to Look Younger

Many women dream of looking slimmer and younger. But not everyone knows how to achieve it. To look fabulous at any age, learn about clothes that age you and how to look younger.

Wearing Clothes That Age You Can Impact Your Perceived Age

As a personal stylist I know that certain clothes can make you look older. It depends upon many different factors. Outdated fashion trends can give the impression of being stuck in a past era, which can add years to your appearance. Clothes that don’t fit well can also age you. For example, clothes that are too loose can make you look shapeless, while clothes that are too tight can highlight areas of the body that may have changed with age.

Clothes that age you and do not match your age and status

Certain colors can wash you out or make your skin look dull, which can also add years to your look. The way you accessorize your outfit can also impact your perceived age. For instance, wearing too much jewelry or outdated styles can make you look older.

Here are 10 tips below that will help you avoid clothes that make you look older, find a balance and choose clothes that make you look younger and feel comfortable and confident.

Clothes That Age You and 10 Tips on How to Look Younger   

Let’s take a look at some clothes that age you and learn some tips on how to look younger.

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1. Shape

Steer clear of hoodies, bulky sweatshirts, and other clothing that covers up your figure’s curves. Instead, make every effort to draw attention to your waist, whether it be with a large belt worn over a dress, a jacket, or a suit. Select the appropriate length. According to wardrobe stylists, most women look great in skirts just below the knee, which slims any leg and creates a beautiful silhouette. Additionally, to create a slimming effect, choose long straight jeans that hide the heel, V-neck sweaters, and matching top and bottom colors.

Clothes That Age You

2. Color


As a professional personal stylist, I know that dark colors can make us appear older, while light colors can make us look younger. Avoid earthy tones like olive and marsh, as well as shades like khaki, mustard, and bark. These colors can reflect on the face and give it an unhealthy pale appearance.

However, beware of any bright neon colors popular in the 80s, giving preference to expressive juicy shades. The other extreme is faded pastel shades. It is better to choose gentle, but more intense colors.

Remember: light and pinkish-peach tones can enhance your complexion by creating a fresh and healthy glow.

The debate about whether black color ages you continues, but there’s no denying the allure, elegance, and luxury of a woman in black. If needed, you can always add a pop of color with a scarf or blouse.

Clothes That Age You  and How to Pick the Right Color

3. Fabrics

Many women’s preference for luxurious fabrics such as velvet, satin, lace, and lurex, especially during the daytime, works against them. The same goes for diamonds and, even worse, their more affordable analogs: jewelry made of rhinestones, glass, and beads. Wanting to look smart can make you look funny, but not attractive. Simplicity is your best friend in this case.

Clothes That Age You and How to Pick the Right Fabric

4. Clothes that are out of fashion

While doing one of my clients’ closet audit I noticed that some women hold onto the fashion trends of their youth, like bright makeup from the 80s or voluminous shoulders from the 90s. These are the clothes that age you and make you look old-fashioned.

Instead, keep your look modern. Looking modern or youthful is all about being aware of the current silhouette, but wearing it in a way that suits your body and your personality.

You don’t have to follow every trend, instead, focus on capturing the overall trends – skirt length, silhouette, color scheme – to stay fashionable and contemporary.

Wearing clothes that age you can detract from your overall appearance and spoil the overall impression.

Clothes that are out of fashion and how to look younger

Here are some more accessories, footwear, and clothes that age you:

5. Completeness

Avoid clothing sets, such as a skirt and a jacket, or pants and a jacket, especially if both the top and the bottom have the same pattern. A bag to match the shoes and jewelry in a set are also extremely outdated today and automatically add you a few years.

how to look younger

6. Complex Look

A Complex look usually includes heavy makeup, complicated styling, and unnatural hair color.

It is wrong to assume that the brighter the colors and the more elaborate the hairstyle, the more irresistible you are. Healthy, shiny hair and delicate makeup that emphasizes the advantages of your face – that’s what will make any woman look beautiful, especially those who have reached a certain age.

Hairstyles That Make You Look Older

7. Clothes that do not match your age and status

Casual clothes with ruffles, frills, and flounces, stylized in the 20s or 30s look frumpy and make others perceive you inadequately. Remember: there is a connection between your personal style and your career. Try to match your appearance to the social group to which you belong or would like to belong.. For example, a college professor should choose a subdued intellectual chic, while a theater or movie actress – a bohemian one.

Shoes and clothes that age you and are out of style

8. Shoes that are out of style

Shoes that are out of style can really date your look, which will make you look frumpy.

Choose the footwear that can keep your outfits looking fresh and up-to-date. It’s important to find shoes that look good and feel comfortable. It makes no sense to spend time suffering in pain for any shoe, so comfort and support are a must. Pick some wearable shoe trends that offer comfort and great style.

You don’t have to replace all your shoes every season or follow every trend that comes down the pike, but keeping an eye on current trends and knowing what is in and out of style is important if don’t want to look frumpy.

Shoes and clothes that age you and are out of style

9. Avoid any extremes

Of all the styles, go for classic with a touch of glamor.

Avoid any extremes from flirty romantic to shocking avant-garde style. A simple, elegant look suits most women. Try to find your style, emphasizing your strengths and hiding flaws – nothing makes a woman more beautiful than her individuality.

Shoes and clothes that age you and are out of style

10.  Pay Attention to Yourself

It is not clothes that age you, but your thoughts and lack of attention to yourself. On well-groomed women who love themselves and their appearance, even very simple casual clothes look good.

Look at Nikole Kidman, Dami Moore, and Sharon Stone – they look so amazing at their age that any clothes only make them look fabulous.

How to look younger

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