8 Easy Tips to Always Look Put Together

Easy Tips to Always Look Put Together

My clients often ask me: “How do I always look put together?”. Looking put together is important for many reasons. These quick styling pointers will help you always look polished and feel confident.

How do I always look put together?

As a personal stylist, I work with a diverse clientele that includes those looking to refresh their wardrobes, professionals in need of assistance with work clothes, men and women looking to improve their image, and people of diverse ages, genders, body types and backgrounds who just want to look better.  My clients often ask me: “How do I always look put together?”. 


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Looking put together is important for several reasons.

How to Always Look Put Together

1. It creates a positive first impression. When you look polished and well-dressed, people are more likely to see you as competent and trustworthy. This can be especially beneficial in professional settings, job interviews, or when meeting new people.

2. Dressing well can boost your self-confidence. When you feel good about how you look, it can have a positive impact on your overall mood and mindset.

3. Looking put together can also improve your personal brand and help you stand out from the crowd. It demonstrates that you pay attention to detail and take pride in your appearance. This can be attractive to other people.

As a wardrobe consultant and personal stylist, I am happy to help you look put together at all times with my fashion tips and styling ideas.

Here are a few easy tips to help you look your best in any setting:

1. Start with the basics.

Easy tips to help you look your best in any setting

Establishing a strong base is essential. Invest in classic staples such as a white shirt, a pair of pants that go with everything, and a well-fitting jacket. These essentials will be the basis for many fashionable ensembles.

2. Embrace the power of accessories

These little pieces can make any look instantly better. Try wearing bold belts, hats, scarves, and jewelry to inject some individuality and flair into your outfit. It’s okay to mix & match!

3. Play with proportions

Understanding your body shape and how to dress for it is crucial. Highlight your best features by playing with proportions. For example, if you have a pear-shaped figure, opt for A-line skirts and fitted tops to balance your silhouette.

4. Pay attention to fit

Looking put together

Ill-fitting clothes can ruin even the most stylish ensemble. Make sure your clothes fit you well and flatter your body shape. Tailoring is your best friend here, as it can transform an average outfit into a showstopper.

5. Mix patterns and textures

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different patterns and textures. Pair a floral blouse with a striped skirt or a leather jacket with a lace dress. This unexpected combination will definitely make your outfit stand out and show your unique personality.

6. Experiment with color

Color can have a huge impact on your overall look. Try to play with different colors and color combinations to create fresh, eye-catching outfits. Don’t shy away from bold hues, but also remember the power of neutrals for a timeless and sophisticated look.

7. Confidence is key

Wearing something with confidence is crucial, regardless of what you’re wearing. Accept your uniqueness and take pride in your fashion choices. You’ll exude confidence with everything you wear, including your whole demeanor.

Looking put together

8. Consult a personal stylist

Seeking guidance from a wardrobe consultant on making informed style choices could prove to be really beneficial. An image consultant, with their extensive knowledge and expertise in the fashion business, may provide sage advice and styling recommendations tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

They can help you figure out what looks good on you, and what fits your body type, and suggest outfits and accessories that will make you appear better overall.

By creating a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle and gives you the confidence and put togetherness you need in any situation, a personal stylist may also help you save time and effort. A personal stylist’s keen eye and meticulous attention to detail may help you navigate the always changing world of fashion and ensure that you always look your best.

Follow these easy styling tips, and you’ll always look put together. Keep in mind, fashion is all about self-expression. Let your personal style shine and have fun with your wardrobe!

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