10 Tips On How To Look Great On A First Date 

10 Tips On How To Look Great On A First Date

Is it important To Look Great On A First Date?  

Though first impressions are not only about looks, appearance does play a key role in how others perceive us.

When it comes to first dates, you want to be sure you get it right. Remember: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. By understanding what to wear on a first date, you can increase your chances of hitting it off and, hopefully, scoring a second date— especially when your outfit is backed by science.

As many personal stylists can attest, deciding what to wear on a first date can easily feel as daunting as the actual date itself. Although the best outfit for a first date depends largely on where you’re going and what you’ll be doing, these tips should help you look great on a first date and feel confident.

Using research from behavioral studies, we are breaking down what to wear and what not to wear on a first date.

Looking great on a first date boosts your confidence

Men will approach women who appear confident and secure. And women are also attracted to confident men. Confidence is a belief in your ability to succeed – a belief that stimulates action. A healthy level of confidence will help you be the best version of yourself.

There are a few easy things you can do to look your best and to boost your confidence: have flattering fabrics, flattering cuts and a flattering fit.

Here are the best 10 tips on how to look great on a first date.

1. Say No to Workout Clothes

Say No to workout clothes unless the two of you have set up a date that involves jogging or doing something sporty.

What happens when you show up on a date while wearing your exercise clothes?

What is going to run through your date’s mind?

  • You are not taking the date seriously. If you were serious, you might have worn something nicer.
  • Is this just a hookup? (Are you having dinner, or sprinting to the bedroom?)
  • Your poor fashion choices will appear in other areas
Say No to Workout Clothes if You Want To Look Great On A First Date

2. Avoid skin-tight, figure-hugging clothes and stretchy fabric

Despite the fact that jersey or any other stretchy fabric is a comfortable material, this fabric can be rather unflattering by accenting the wrong areas. After all, it tends to cling to the body.

If you want to look great on a first date, opt for looser pieces of clothing!

Stretchy clothes make everyone see your visible belly outline (when your tummy rolls are visible through your clothes). Comfort might be your top priority but it may also allow extra belly fat to destroy your look.

For a perfect first date outfit, you can choose a loose dress with higher waist, made of non-stretchy fabric that will do well with hiding problematic areas.

Fabrics to avoid:

Fabrics that contain spandex, lycra or elastane, jersey fabric or any kind of stretchy fabric

Better options:

Rayon, silk, polyester (with 0% spandex!), wool, cotton, linen, and other natural fabrics.

Consider buying shapewear that hide love handles and belly fat.

Avoid skin tight clothes to look great on a first date

3. Avoid Looking Overly Trendy or Unapproachable

  • Say No to clothing that shows too much personality.
  • When it comes to first dates, less is more.
  • While everyone has individual style, on the first date, men and women enjoy clothing that is simpler, and classic.
  • You want to show a little bit of your personality – that’s fine. But if you think you are going to impress him/her with your super trendy looks, it might not be a case.
Avoid Looking Overly Trendy to look great on a first date

4. Stop dressing lazy! Invest in your looks!

Say No to clothing that make you look cheap and unattractive.

Wearing cheaper brands on a date with an “affluent” man or woman may not be a good idea because:

  • When you are setting the impression with an affluent partner, you want to look the part.
  • You want to match your lifestyles.
  • The more you have in common, the more likely your love is to grow.
  • Your date could label you as “basic” or “cheap” and will be less likely to introduce you to their friends or parents.

What makes you look cheap?

  • Baggy clothes
  • Gathered seams
  • Embellishments
  • Cotton knits and jersey
  • Lace
  • Small, complicated prints (like paisley or tiny, multicolor florals)
  • Imperfect fit
  • Sloppy finishings
Don't dress lazy to look great on a first date

5. Never Show Too Much Skin on a Date


  • Don’t show too much cleavage.
  • Show off your neck instead of your chest.
  • Very risqué clothing is not the best choice on a first date, as your date may see you as “a quick hook up” rather than a potential long-term partner.
  • Avoid low cut short body-con dresses. They make you appear too desperate. You don’t have to scream for attention.
  • When you’re showing everything on display like that, the man is simply going to be staring at your breasts all night. He will be thinking sex, sex, sex on repeat. This is not strategic if you are looking for a serious, committed relationship.


  • No tank tops or any sleeveless shirts on a date (even if you have a nice and muscular upper body that you want to show off).
  • No naked chest on a date.
  • A button-down shirt (long sleeve or short sleeve) is best.
  • You can wear a nice T-shirt that fits you. It should NOT have anything offensive, “clever,” or political on it. It should be clean and it should also fit the occasion:

     Dinner at a chain restaurant and a movie?  T-shirt is fine.

     Dinner at a white-tablecloth place? No. Dress up.

Never Show Too Much Skin to look great on a first date

6. Wear comfortable dress shoes


  • Always wear small heels if you go on a date in the evening or on a nice elegant lunch.
  • When in doubt, a dressier shoe is the best option.
  • Say No to platform stiletto heels. You are being vulgar if you wear a shoe like that.
  • The chosen heel should be reasonable (3-4 inch maximum).
  • Wear shoes that are a little bit sensual, that feel a little bit teasing but nothing too provocative, nothing that makes it feel like you’re in a strip club.
  • You should feel comfortable in your shoes. Otherwise, you will think too much about your shoes on a date.
Wear comfortable dress shoes to look great on a first date

7. Don’t dress too conservatively; aim for that effortlessly chic look

The idea is to be comfortable but polished.

You’re aiming for that effortlessly chic look that seems as if you just threw on an outfit and strolled out the door while coincidentally looking supremely stylish.

A two-piece suit feels stiff on women, especially if you’re a little bit older.

Instead, try mixing blouses and sweaters with skirts or trousers instead.

Dont dress too conservatively to look great on a first date

8. Makeup is important!

Here are a few helpful makeup tips for women:

  • Choose natural looking makeup;
  • Use natural looking brown or dark blond eyebrow pencil;
  • Use black or brown mascara;
  • Use natural looking lipstick (peach, coral, bronze, tan or red);
  • No black arrows!
  • No dark eyeshadow!
  • No lash extensions!
  • Nothing too dark!
Makeup is important if you want to look great on a first date

9. Color and Style Your Hair


  • Get a stylish haircut.
  • Dye your hair regularly.
  • Choose lighter shades.
  • Avoid very dark or black hair color.
  • Use high quality hair products


  • Trim and groom your beard and mustache
  • Get a stylish haircut
  • Wash and style your hair before your date (use hair-taming gel if needed)
Color and Style Your Hair to look great on a first date

10. Take Care of Your Skin 

A good skincare routine (morning and night) helps regenerate skin cell production to keep your skin looking and feeling smooth, radiant, and youthful.

Take Care of Your Skin to look great on a first date

Consider hiring a personal stylist that would help you look great on a first date

Consider hiring a personal stylist that would help you find clothes you love and that fit, no matter what your size and shape.

A personal stylist will identify your body type and dress your body shape to play up your most favorite features. A competent image consultant will also do your color analysis and find your seasonal color palette to determine which colors flatter you most.

A professional personal stylist will learn more about your personality and lifestyle and create a signature style that works for you.

Creating a Style Recipe is the key to looking your best and feeling confident now and in the future.

 “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” Edith Head, American costume designer

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” – Edith Head, American costume designer

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