Color Trends and Personal Styling: 3 Fabulous Colors to Wear This Fall

Color Trends and Personal Styling

Research shows that olors have mood-altering effects and can instantly transform an outfit from blah to brilliant. Instead of turning to your trusty black outfit, opt for these fall colors. Find your new favorite colors and outfits with personal styling. Refresh and update your wardrobe with seasonal color trends and personal styling!

3 Fabulous Colors to Wear This Fall and Personal Styling Tips

Color Trend 1: Burgundy

Shades: rich wine, bald burgundy, bordeaux, ruby, raspberry and deep cherry colors

These beautiful rich colors evoke feelings of comfort and warmth.

Try these colors in a tweed coat, in a knit sweater, wool cardigan or in a blazer and a skirt matched set.

Deep shades of burgundy keep their leading position in fall and winter colors.

The most popular colors that go with burgundy are: grey, almond, pale pink, creamy, white and black.


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Color Trend 2: Yellow

Shades: buttery yellow, marigold and mustards colors

Yellow color continues to be important this season, offering a happy and warm base to your wardrobe. Yellow is an easy way to add a pop color to your look. Traditionally, yellow goes well with base colors like white, black and gray, and with other analogous colors like orange and green. You can also pair mellow yellow and rich brown, like in a traditional plaid coat.

Your accessories in yellow color will make your old outfits look new and fresh this fall.

Sunny yellow shades transcend seasons, so you can incorporate these pieces into your trendy spring outfits too. 

Color Trend 3: Brown

Shades: rich brown, rust, tan, coffee, chestnut and chocolate colors

Brown is undoubtedly the color of the fall season. Consider opting for rich shades of brown rather than the traditional black that you may be more used to.

Warm, luxurious brown color will provide a new foundation for your fall wardrobe and will make a subtle stylish statement.

Deep shades of brown also look beautiful when mixed with lighter colors: white, creamy, beige, sunny yellow, light pink, teal or turquoise.

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