4 Fashion Style Icons And How They Influenced Consumers During Their Times

Have you ever heard of a fashion style icon?  By fashion style icons we usually mean famous people who are very well known as being highly fashionable. They initiate a new style which others often follow.

Fashion style icons are influential people who introduce new styles that become part of fashion and spread throughout the world. These influential people may be famous personalities such as celebrities, actors, singers, political leaders, or sports personalities. For example, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was a fashion icon, and her famous Pink Chanel suit is one of the most referenced and revisited of all of her items of clothing. Twiggy was an It girl, she was a teenaged model and fashion icon of Swinging Sixties

Here are 4 other famous people that became highly influential fashion style icons of their times:

Fashion Style Icons: Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot is a famous French actress; she was born in 1934. In 1950-s and 60-s she was considered a fashion icon and a sex symbol.

Brigitte Bardot wore youthful and feminine outfits: circle skirts, figure-flattering dresses, ballet flats, casual shirts, gingham skirts, mini cocktail dresses, cropped pants and floppy hats.  

Her signature looks included bouffant blond hair with shaggy bangs, ribbons and headbands.

Her personal style was simple, but tasteful.

Many women in the 50-s and 60-s copied her look. They adopted her shaggy hairstyle, her black cat-eye eyeliner, mini dresses, ballet flats and cropped pants.  

Modern celebrities often copy Bardot’s style nowadays.

Fashion Style Icons: Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand (born in 1942) is a famous American singer, actress and director.

She has achieved success in multiple fields of entertainment, and is one of the few performers awarded a Grammy, Emmy, Oscar, and Tony.

In the 60-s Barbra Streisand signature look included a cat eyeliner, a beehive hairdo, a choker necklace, beaded evening gowns, silk sequined dresses and jewel encrusted hats.  

Many women at that time copied her hairdo, her dresses and make up.

Fashion Style Icons: Tina Turner

Tina Turner (born in 1939) is an American singer, dancer and actress.

Her stage costumes were bright, extravagant, and sparky. Her looks were changing over time. 

Her signature style included big hair, curve-hugging outfits, fringed dresses, high heels, short cutout “naked dresses”, corsets, tattered bodysuits, embellished jackets.  

Tina Turner inspired many rock ‘n’ roll stage costumes of her contemporary and modern singers, dancers and musicians.

Fashion Style Icons: Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson (1958 –2009) was a famous singer, dancer and songwriter. He was also a fashion icon, because he had a unique style. 

His performance costumes were inspired by art, they looked unusual, innovative and eccentric.

His wardrobe included fedora hats, military jackets, black loafers and white socks, cropped pants, metallic outfits, retro style suits and the single sequined glove.

Michael Jackson’s style had a big influence on lot of modern musicians. He also inspired a new line of streetwear.


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