5 Tips to Create a Perfect Holiday Outfit

December is usually filled up with parties. Here are 5 style tips from a professional wardrobe consultant to help you put together the perfect holiday outfit.

5 Tips to Create a Perfect Holiday Outfit from a Wardrobe Consultant

The holiday season is finally here! But you still have just enough time to put together a few stylish holiday outfits.

December is usually filled up with parties, get-togethers and feasts, and it is important that you have the right holiday outfit for each occasion.

Here are 5 style tips from a professional wardrobe consultant to help you put together the best holiday outfit.

Creating a Holiday Outfit: Style Tip 1 – Select Your Color Palette

How to create a holiday outfit

Set your color palette before you start shopping for any holiday pieces. It is the first step to create your looks for the holiday season.

The spirit of the season comes from the gorgeous colors of the holidays: the fall forest, Thanksgiving feast, Christmas decorations. Boost your holiday vibes by embracing these festive timelessly elegant colors in your outfits!

If you don’t want to step into a holiday party and blend into the house interior, don’t be afraid to stand out! Style your look with more emerald or red hues and add some sparkles!

Rock this Merlot cocktail dress, wear the bold red lip, accessorize with your favorite jewel tones and style the sparkle in your skirts and shoes!


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Creating a Holiday Outfit: Style Tip 2 – Invest in Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are essential during the holiday season. Look for fashion-forward pieces, but remember that you need to stay warm, so pick the clothes that will protect you from the cold as well.

how to create a perfect holiday outfit

Focus on bold, style-driven pieces and build your look around that eye-catching item.

Example 1: Combine statement pieces with wardrobe basics to complete your outfit. Incorporate in your festive outfit basic boots that match many other statement items you wear.

Example 2: Incorporate bright colors into neutral ensembles, for example, pair a bright scarf or a statement purse with neutral gray, black or white outfits.  

Creating a Holiday Outfit: Style Tip 3 – Layer up to stay warm

How to create a holiday outfit

Amplify your outfit by experimenting with different materials, fabrics and textures.

Leather, velvet and faux fur are great materials and textures that will look great with your outfit, create layers and will also keep you warm.

Leather boots, cashmere scarves and different textured coats will complete any outfit.

Creating a Holiday Outfit: Style Tip 4 – Elevate Your look with Bold Accessories  

Holiday season is the best time of year to bring out your most sparkly accessories.

holiday jewelry

This year it’s time to move away from delicate pieces of jewelry. Instead pick the chunky and the bald.

Stay away from tops with floral and geometric patterns and pick solid colors for your holiday dress to use it as the canvas for a chunky chain necklace or a pair of bold earrings.

Add to your outfit those glimmering pieces of jewelry you have been shying away since last year. You simply cannot go wrong with them this time

Sparkle, sequins, and glitter are very appropriate this holiday season!

Creating a Holiday Outfit: Style Tip 5 – Stay comfortable

Comfort is key for all occasions and in all seasons. Even in your most stylish outfits, staying comfortable is very important.

You will need this balance between style and comfort in your outfits to ensure you look and feel your best.  

You will be attending lots of events this holiday season, so you need dress in a way that will allow you to enjoy these gatherings without worrying about the cold, the discomfort of your dress or how painful your heels are.

Before you go out ask yourself: does this outfit have a forgiving fit — for eating, drinking, and socializing?

If the answer is “no” – pick something else that would allow you to stay comfortable all through the night.

Remember: a holiday without something bright and shiny is boring. So, experiment with different colors, fabrics, and textures, indulge in bold accessories and have fun with your aesthetic.

Keep the holiday music streaming and enjoy the festivities with your family and friends in your stylish holiday outfits!

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