What to Wear in the Heat: Best Clothes for Hot and Humid Weather  

What to Wear in the Heat

Should you wear workout clothes during hot weather? Should you wear loose clothing if it’s hot? How to stay cool in summer? Here are the best recommendations on what to wear in the heat. It’s very important to dress appropriately when it is hot, humid and sunny outside. Unsuitable clothing can ruin your day. When

3 Easy Tips on How to Mix Prints and Patterns to Create a Stylish Outfit

3 Easy Tips on How to Mix Prints and Patterns to Create a Stylish Outfit

There are a few easy personal styling tips that you can follow to learn how to mix prints and patterns successfully to create stylish and trendy outfits. Many people are convinced that mixing prints and patterns is not a good idea, and yet some of the best personal stylists and wardrobe consultants mix prints and

6 Reasons to Choose a Competent Personal Stylist over an Online Styling Service

Competent Personal Stylist Vs. Online Styling Service

There are a few styling companies on the market now that offer personal styling services. So why should you choose a competent personal stylist over an online styling service? A Competent Personal Stylist or an Online Styling Service? Now, when most personal styling services are available both in person and online many people can use

Fashion Psychology Reveals: Clothing Choices Can Affect Our Emotional States

Fashion Psychology

Fashion Psychology Reveals: your clothing can affect the way you feel about yourself, it can also affect the way others feel about you. Fashion Psychology Suggests: Your Clothing Can Affect Your Emotional State A recent psychological study from the University of Hertfordshire revealed: people tend to dress the way they feel. According to the research,