7 Best Summer 2023 Shoe Trends You Should Start Wearing Now

Best Summer 2023 Shoe Trend

From chic strappy block heel sandals to mules and espadrilles, these shoe trends are incredibly current and are a massive relief in a world full of traditional pumps. Learn about the the best summer 2023 shoe trends. Summer is all about embracing vibrant colors, comfortable styles, and unique designs. In summer, we can can dress

Unlocking the Power of Fashion Therapy: A Personal Stylist’s Perspective

Unlocking the Power of Fashion Therapy: A Personal Stylist's Perspective

Sometimes your entire mood changes based on what clothes you decide to wear. This concept, often called fashion therapy. Have you ever noticed your mood change based on the clothes you wear? You might be feeling sad or low, until you put on your favorite stylish outfit and a pair of dangly gold earrings. Or