3 Fashion Style Examples and Basic Styled Looks

Trendy-Look- Fashion Style Examples

There are different styles in fashion that people follow based on their individual personality, attitudes, opinions and passion. The modes of expression of all these styles in terms of clothes and accessories are very different too.

There are hundreds of creative look classification systems – but most share common themes.  

Let’s take a close look at 3 basic looks and the images they convey. Here are 3 different black jeans outfit ideas that would help you solve your fashion dilemma, proving that this denim style is actually very versatile.

Fashion Style Example 1: Trendy Look

Trendy look - Fashion Style Examples

The trendy fashionista avoids the “traditional” clothes in favor of the latest trends and wears them well. The trendy fashion type overlaps with others (romantic, diva, artsy).  These girls shop impulsively and are often trendsetters.

To create the “Trendy” look I combined the following items:

1) ZW fitted mid-rise skinny jeans in moon black with washed effect from ZARA

2) Oversized wool blend blazer with lapel collar, long sleeves and front double breasted button closure (beige) from ZARA

3) Akris Punto Polka Dot Jersey Sweatshirt (beige / black color) from Saks Fifth Avenue

4) Michael Kors Haskell Crocodile Embossed Leather Combat Boot from Michael Kors store

5) Chloe Faye Mini Chain Crossbody Bag (Black) from Neiman Marcus

The “trendy” fashion type usually includes latest fashion trends and sometimes it overlaps with other types.

I chose an oversized blazer, because, according to Vogue magazine, oversized clothes are very trendy in winter 2021-2022.

I chose the polka dot sweatshirt and crocodile embossed leather combat boots, because these are also the latest current trends.

Fashion Style Example 2: Boho Chic Look

Boho Chic look - Fashion Style Examples

“Boho chic” is a type of artsy look.  Boho means bohemian, but the expression “boho chic” is often used to refer to a late 60s vintage look reinvented in the late 90s and in the last 10 years and adopted by the French (who call it “bobo”). 

To put together this “Boho Chic” look I combined the following items:

1) ZW fitted mid-rise skinny jeans in moon black with washed effect from ZARA

2) Johnny Was Minerva Tie-Neck Embroidered Blouse (Purple) from Neiman Marcus

3) Bottega Veneta The Lido Flat Sandals (Purple) from Neiman Marcus

4) Margo Morrison Stone, Quartz and Crystal Necklace from Neiman Marcus

5) Melissa Leather Saddle Crossbody Bag from Neiman Marcus

“Boho Chic” look often includes vintage, artsy and retro items. So that’s why I chose the embroidered peasant blouse, purple flat sandals, an artsy necklace and completed the look with a vintage leather, saddle silhouette crossbody bag, crafted from washed leather for a worn-in feel.

Fashion Style Example 3: The Glamour Girl Look

The Glamour Girl Look - Fashion Style Examples

The Glamour Girl uses striking clothes and dramatic accessories to make a fashion statement (and to get attention). The “glamour girl” often wears dramatic hats, signature hairstyles, large sunglasses, jackets or sweaters that have unusual patterns, colors or extreme lengths, up-to-date and dramatic clothes. Attention-getting strategies include sometimes boldly breaking the rules to create shock value. 

To create the “Glamour Girl” look I put together the following items:

1) ZW fitted mid-rise skinny jeans in moon black with washed effect from ZARA

2) Aje Apres Asymmetrical Linen Top (Red) from Saks Fifth Avenue

3) Christian Louboutin Clare Sling 80 Napa Red Sole Pumps from Neiman Marcus (beige / light brown)

4) Oscar de la Renta Gold Chain Link Intertwined Necklace from Neiman Marcus

5) By Far Mara Suede Baguette Purse (beige / light brown) from Saks Fifth Avenue

I used dramatic contrasts (red / beige /black), asymmetrical linen red one-shoulder top, a bald looking necklace as a statement-making accessory to create this dramatic, bright and bald “Glamour Girl“ look. I added a suede baguette purse to make the look more stylish and Christian Louboutin red sole pumps to add a “seductive” touch to it. 

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